Charlotte Chess Center Blitz

CCC - Rapid and Blitz

Saturday, August 03, 2024, Charlotte Chess Center

Withdraw Page:

If you need to withdraw from the tournament before it begins, please use this form. This form will remove your entry and refund your payment minus administration fee if there is any.

Select your entry:

*For security reasons, please enter last 4 digits phone associated with the entry. If you do not have/know, please enter full email address you used to registered the entry.


  • 1. Find your entry in this page by selecting yours from the combo.
  • 2. Enter last 4 digits of your phone or full email address that you used to registered.
  • 3. If matches, choose authorization method you can do. Email or TEXT/SMS.
  • 4. System will send you email or text to your email/phone.
  • 5. Authorize your request by clicking the link in the email or answering YES on text/sms.
  • 6. Once completed your refund (minus fee) will be refunded right away, and your entry will be removed.
  • 7. If you have any questions, or problems please send us email.
  • 8. If you need see refund regulation, click on the tournament info.