Tuesday Night Action

Tuesday Night Action 108

Tuesday June 18

Withdraw Page:

If you need to withdraw from the tournament before it begins, please use this form. This form will remove your entry once you authorize it.

Select your entry:

*For security reasons, please enter last 4 digits phone associated with the entry. If you do not have/know, please enter full email address you used to registered the entry.


  • 1. Find your entry in this page by selecting yours from the combo.
  • 2. Enter last 4 digits of your phone or full email address that you used to registered.
  • 3. If matches, choose authorization method you can do. Email or TEXT/SMS.
  • 4. System will send you email or text to your email/phone.
  • 5. Authorize your request by clicking the link in the email or answering YES on text/sms.
  • 6. Once completed your entry will be removed.
  • 7. If you have any questions, or problems please send us email.